Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge for SquareSpace designing?

You can see the list of our prices here

How much is SquareSpace?

You can see how much Squarespace charge for hositng here

How Many Pages Can I have?

You can start with one page and have up to 20 on the personal plan. If you go over that we would recomend upgrading to the ecommomerce package.

What can I change on my website?

SquareSpace is very flexible for customisation, if you are unsure feel free to talk to use. We can advice and assist.

Will my SquareSapce website be SEO friendly?

Yes, every SquareSpace website is well optmized straight out the bag. We can still improve and advice on this as your website progresses.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, none of the design work will be started until a deposit has been taken.

Can I pay in Monthly installments?

You certianly can pay in monthly installments, drop us an email and we an discuss things further.

Will my website be easy to use?

Yes, All website's made on our favourite platform SquareSapce, are easy to use by anyone, on any device.