GDPR 2018

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How we use your information

Lewis K Smith Creative only collect what is absolutely necessary to offer you the services that you are engaged with us in. This information is solely for the purpose of payment and contract between the two parties. 

Services we offer

Lewis K Smith Creative offers two main services; Photography and web design.

Our promise to you

We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the information you share with us is protected with appropriate technical and organisational measures.

We will never share your information without your explicit consent and only keep your information when we have a Legal Basis to do so or you have given your consent.

Your rights as an individual

Under the General Data Protection Act you have certain rights under law, these are:

  • The Right To Be Informed
    • How if your data being used, what is being collected etc. (this Privacy Policy)
  • The Right To Erasure
    • The right to request that your information is deleted from our systems
  • The Right To Access
    • The right to request a copy of information that we hold against you
  • The Right To Rectification
    • If the data we hold about you is incorrect, the right to have it rectified
  • The Right To Object
    • If (but we don't) we processed any of your data using technology such as Credit Scoring you could object to this happening
  • The Right To Portability
    • If (and we hope you don't) you wanted to transfer your data to a similar service provider you can request we provide the data for you to do so.

You can contact us at and request any of these rights at any time.

What information we collect and for what purpose

Potential Customer

We collect basic information, such as Name, Email, Company, Telephone about potential customers should you enquire about a service from Lewis K Smith Creative

If you do not become a customer, we will remove this information 1 year from the last point of contact or on your explicit instruction to do so.


We will collect Name, Email, Company, Telephone, Billing and Contract Address.

We will retain this information whilst you are a customer, and a subsequent 7 years to aid in the response to any enquiries that may arise.


We will collect Name, Email, Company & Telephone.

We will retain this information for as long as you are a supplier of services to Lewis K Smith Creative, and for 7 years beyond to assist in any enquiries that may arise.

How we collect your information

We will collect your information from email enquiries, web contact forms and phone calls.

Where we store your data

For the purposes of operating a business, Lewis K Smith Creative has a Legitimate Interest to store your data. This will either be in the form of our CRM system or our finance package (quotes & invoices).

If you become a customer of one of our software applications, your account details will also be stored in this system.

Third parties that have access to your data

For the purposes of book keeping, your information will be stored on our CRM which is used for Quotes, Invoices and client portals. If you wish to be removed from our CRM, please get in touch.

Systems we use

Each business system that we use is either hosted in the EU or a country that has been deemed Adequate by the EU.

Web site tracking

We do track basic usage using Google Analytics on our web sites, this is to enable Lewis K Smith Creative to better understand how our websites are used to enable us to deliver a better service.

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