I'm terrible at social media - Time to improve using Buffer

I know you will be as surprised (as am I). I have written a blog post! Something that I haven't done for nearly a year now. The main reason being as that I really need to improve my social media aspect of my Leicester photography business. It always feel like such a chore.

That is until the other day when I had a great idea. I needed an application where I could spend a few hours simply uploading and scheduling images to be put on my social media accounts which would then put on them on all my social platforms at selected times. Luckily for me there is such a piece of software!

It's called buffer - "Simple and powerful social media scheduling, publishing & analytics!"

So far i've only used it once to schedule a week's worth of posts, but I feel this could save me a lot of time, but also make me more active in the social media department. It's not easy being a photographer, website designer, accountant, retoucher and social media person.  That's the life of a sole trader.

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