Headshot Photography Leicester

Headshot photography in Leicester is a very competitive market, as headshot photography has become a lot more popular lately and here's why:

The main clients for headshot photography are models, actors, and actresses. However, that has recently changed due to the power of social media and website interaction. A lot of more of my clients are people that want professional headshots for their social media accounts and websites.

If you are applying for a job, often your potential employer will look at your social media profile to create a general impression of you before you arrive. So, if you have a professional headshot your clients will have a different opinion of you and hopefully, one that could help you secure that dream job.

Clients with websites that have staff profiles and employee overviews like solicitors and creative agencies often try to create that friendly, personal approach by having headshots of their staff. That way their customer can place a face to the name when they are meeting for the first time.

The other, very similar approach is including a professional headshot in your email signature, again creating that personal interaction could be vital to your booking or sale.

Headshots are not just for models, actors and actresses.

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