Creative Still Life Photography

Most of the time when I am not shooting creative work, I am crafting still life, e-commerce imagery for brands across the East Midlands. 

Yet when I can collaborate with another  artist, in this case a still life stylist. We demonstrate our skills and abilities to make a creative shoot that could easily be used in a campaign or an editorial.

We use this time to hone our skill set and try out ideas we've had in our minds, it's great to work with a like minded individual or team.

Charlotte from Stylitch sent me a link to her Pintrest board. Pintrest is a great platform to communicate ideas and styles across to everyone who would be involved in a shoot, a lot of people from all creative backgrounds use it regularly.

After looking at all the still life imagery on her Pintrest we set about making our own ideas happen. Setting a date, creating and sourcing props etc... a lot goes into making a still life shoot happen, it's not as simple as people would assume.

We spent about 4 hours in total on the day of the shoot trying many different lighting and styling ideas, it's a team effort all around. Overall I was really pleased with what we produced, personally I learnt a few things about lighting, it's great to experiment!

View the images for yourself below