Beauty Dish Follow Up

On my last blog post with Katie I spoke about utilising the Bowens Beauty Dish for an upcoming hair salon shoot. That shoot is still awaiting fruition due to both me and the Salon being awfully busy at the minute.

In the meantime when I have a spare morning to test, I will get in touch with a friend who is wiling to model for me. Often that seems to be Katie or Emmie, two both wonderful girls who have helped me out on many an occasion.  

Trying to find the right backdrop has been proving challenging I want something that will make the models hair stand out no matter what the shade but still have texture to make it look different and not generic. There was still more time to find the right backdrop.

 so with the shoot with Emmie I opted to shoot on a white wall and mover her 2 to 3ft from the wall to make it an off-white or slightly grey tone. The beauty (pun intended) of the beauty dish is that it does tend to spill light quite far so it was great to use with a white wall to see how it would affect the colour, tone and brightness.

I used natural light as well as my strobes, so we had plenty of light in the studio. Placing my £1 charity bargain reflector just below her chest to get that awesome catchlight. Emmie' dark hair was a great contrast against the off-white wall and her style also served well in make her stand out. We tried many different poses, expressions to get that one shot! it was a good laugh when we go into it and could both relax.

After about half an hour we adventured outside to again mix flash with natural light. This was again a great test to see how the light of the beauty dish would react. I put on neutral density filters to make sure I could shoot at a low f-stop, like f/5.6. Instead of me rambling on, I will post images below for you to see for yourself.

Lewis K SmithComment