New Kit: Bowens Beauty Dish

For over a year now I have wanted to buy a beauty dish. Every photographer owns a beauty dish, it's one of the basic pieces of equipment that every professional should own.

I have lasted this long without one but as I have had some money saved up and I have quite few model shoots coming up, I thought it was about time I treated myself. After reading several reviews on which colour beauty dish would work best for me I opted for the white one.  I personally preferred the soft and less despeckled light it produced. The one that everyone knows is of course the silver beauty dish which I'm sure I will purchase in the future.

There are a lot of beauty dishes out in the market, eBay has a plethora of examples ranging from the small 17 inch up-to the large 22inch. In both white and silver. They were also at a very reasonable price of £50. Even though I was tempted by the price of these I knew that the quality and colour rendition might not be up to the standard that I require. As I own Bowens lighting kit my natural progression was of course the Bowens Beauty Dish. At a price of £130 it was more than double the price of the other modifiers but you cannot put a cost on quality or consistency.

I ordered a white beauty dish from Bowens Direct as I knew they were a reputable company, the beauty dish arrived promptly the next day at 10am and I wanted to try it out straight the way. Having to wait until the weekend was agonising. Yet it was worth the wait as the weather that weekend was glorious.

As with any new gear shoots you need a willing subject to photograph. Luckily for me I have a photogenic girlfriend who is always more than willing to put herself in the lime light. Knowing that I had a hair salon shoot coming up I decided that I wanted to use this time to figure out what set up and backdrop I wanted to utilise for the shoot. 

To get used to the light output I decided to just use the one light for the majority, then tried adding a bit of a rim light to make the hair stand out. We got some good results.  Venturing outside and applying 3 neutral density filters over my lens and cranking the power up on the flash head we managed to over power the sun whilst keeping the shallow depth of field. These shots where more like it.

Great light and lovely catch lights, wish I bought one sooner. A few weeks later I did another shoot with Emmie. Another blog post to follow but for now, here are a few shots from the first test.