The Times Newspaper

A few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to photograph a local, internationally famous architect, Neill Bustin  for The Times Newspaper. Bustin knew exactly what he wanted out of the shoot, which was really great. Then he just needed my style to get the best headshot for his article in The Times Newspaper.

The location he picked was the New Walk Museum in Leicester. The Museum gave us permission to shoot inside the museum itself which was awesome. I did take a few images outside to make most of the nice weather that we had at the time.

Neill bought along his PA, Jordan, whom helped me out by holding the reflector as and when I needed. The shoot inside the New Walk Museum where very tricky to shoot as I was not permitted to use flash or include any paintings in the background. Whilst shooting I am constantly thinking on my feet, you have to, You cannot slow down. Using my initiative I moved the spot lights that where lighting up the paintings to light up my subject. 

It worked a treat. Please view the image below.