The Squinch

If you have never heard of the Squinch before, then I shall explain all.


The term Squinch was created by a photographer I highly admire called Peter Hurley, a professional headshot photographer. He coined this phrase to make his clients look at their best whilst on a shoot. Hurley was a model himself before he picked up a camera, so has combined everything he has learn't over the years to make all of us look good.


The word squinch is a combination of the word Squint and Pinch. The aim is to bring your lower eye lids up towards your pupil without actually squinting fully. If you combine this with Hurley's amazing Jawline technique then you can create amazing results that portray confidence in anyone.


I recently completed a corporate headshot at Drive Vauxhall, where I used the Squinch to get the best out of client.