Evoke Boutique

Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and are ready to celebrate the New Year!

After quite a long wait, I can finally reveal the latest images I shot for Evoke Boutique. A local Leicester clothing company that produces a wide range of high quality womens clothes to wear all year round.

Malik the owner, contacted me initially to shoot their christmas lookbook. Sadly for us I was busy at the time and could not commit to do a shoot in time. Just a few days left until christmas and I had one day free. So I contacted myfriend, dancer and model Emma to see if she wanted to do a photoshoot on my day off. At the same time I messaged malik to  see if he wanted to see the results of the shoot when we did the shoot.

Mailk proposed that we kill two birds with one stone. This was that we do the shoot for Emma and myself, as well as using Malik's clothes. That way, all three of us come away with outstanding images.

The day of the shoot was a very cold December morning, the sun was low and my temprature gauge was at 5˚C. We collected the clothes from Evoke Boutique's HQ and headed out to Beacon Hill in Loughborough. I had this location in mind for quite a while now so it was great to finally utilise the amazing woods for a shoot like this.

View the results for yourself: