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Photographers in this day and age often need to focus on personal projects as well as client work to make sure their style and ability is ever evolving. Personal work is often more creative and conceptual compared to client work, as the name suggests it is always personal. 

Something that a photographer him, or herself is passionate about. The spark that urges the photographer to complete these projects are keeps the photographer going and moving forward with their career.

The idea that I wanted to create in imagery was one that documents my village how it is today. I want to document Queniborough by photographing portraits of people of high importance, or people that give a lot towards the village and it's community. The style that I want to use is style based on Victorian paintings, ones that you see in National Trust Houses. The environmental portraiture images that I will produce will have a painterly feel to them.

I completed my first test shoot on the 26.11.2013. This photoshoot involved my grandma, a local choir singer. I thought I better start at the end of the village and work my way up, the end of the village being the church so I shall start off by photographing everyone involved in the local church.

I wanted to keep the candle light look of the church so I used a slow shutting speed combined with flash and candle light to achieve the final look. A lot of post work was used to create the painterly look and feel to the image.

Overall I am quite happy with the way it turned out; the soft, warm lighting brings out the church candle light feel. The added smoke to the image creates a cinematic look, which I am trying to incorporate into my style. The main concern for me is the backdrop. The polished wood has reflected the use of flash back into the camera which creates a rather harsh and distracting light. 

Here is one of the final images I produced that evening:


Here is the lighting diagram:

Church Portrait by Guest User.png
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