Fujifilm X20 Still Life

Every now and then you have a vision, that magic moment when think of an idea, a setting or concept. Something that provokes you to create an idea, which is now locked inside your brain. 


This happened to me the other day. I was walking through the kitchen with the sun beaming through the large bay windows, when I caught a glimpse of a very fruitful, yet old looking Tomato Plant. The plant and it's pot immediately caught my keen eye, so I knew in that exact moment that I needed to photograph this plant.


Using the available natural light and the contrasting white wall with strong lines contrasting the flowing leaving, it looked like the perfect setting to see how my X20 would perform. Using a tripod and timer to get as much clarity into the shots as possible, having to take several to try and meter for the scene correctly and balancing the exposure. 


At this point I didn't know that my camera could do HDR, which certainly would have been useful to get the full tonal range. The thing that I love about the X20 the most is the colour it produces, they are very film-like straight out of the camera. 

Lewis K SmithComment