Fujifilm X20 HDR

When you purcahse a new camera you want to test out all the features it has to the best of it's abilities and to really push the camera to it's full potential. A lot of camera's these days have a built in HDR feature. Meaning that the camera will take 3 seperate images, one correctly exposed, one over exposed by one stop and one under exposed by 1 stop.

HDR is something you either love or hate, I personally dislike HDR. That is mainly to the fact that I have seen so many over the top HDR Images, they look fake and not pleasing to the eye at all. I believe a HDR image is to mimic the results of the human eye, that can correctly expose for most of the scene.

After learning that I could do a HDR with this camera I needed a new, better way of combining these images to create a natural looking HDR. As I use lightroom as my main editing source I wanted to find a plug-in which would create this effect within lightroom.

I discovered a really simple donationware plug-in called LR/Enfuse. This software will automatically align and blend 3 or more images together to produce a final shot. Which I could then bring back into lightroom and edit a little bit more. It didn't look un-natural, so it was perfect. I really need to experient with this software and try combining even more images together.

Now I think I love HDR again!