Fujifilm X20

Ever since I have picked up and used a DSLR, I have loved the size, weight and quality it brings. I have lugged my large Nikon D700 around for 14 hours a day. Yet, I have never complained, as I know that I wasn't compromising on the quality images I giving to my clients.

As of now the only reason why I wanted a small, capable, compact camera was for holiday and day out images. My DSLR is my workhorse, in fact it is my lively hood. Without that camera I cannot work. Going on flights often means that I would not be able to take my DSLR.

Thus meaning I would need to rely on my girlfriends Sony point-and-shoot. Now, I’m not saying that her camera is bad. Far from that, it's a great camera that yields great images. It's just the lack of manual controls and high ISO abilities that restricts my creative arm.

That has now all changed thanks to my recent purchase. A Fujifilm X20. A compact, yet very capable little camera. I say little, it is probably still bigger than most consumer compacts.

It took me a long time to decide between the Fujifilm X20 and the Sony RX100 mkii. This is due to many factors. I am a professional photographer so I know what images a quality camera can take.

I look at specifications that most averages users will not consider. The minimum and maximum aperture at that particular focal length. How controlled is the high ISO in an image etc...

Yet, no matter how long I looked and compared sample shots, read and re-read reviews I could not decide which one to go for. As all the camera shops around Leicester have been shut I had to wait until I had the opportunity to travel to Nottingham to get a feel for the cameras in real life. This was to be the only way I could decide for myself which camera system I wanted to purchase.

After going into Jessop’s I noticed the RX100 sitting side by side to the X20. I was straight away drawn to the sleek body of the RX100, the camera that looked the superior on paper. Quickly picking up then pointing the camera at my girlfriend. Taking a few shots, before working out how to alter the settings and shoot a few more images. This was the moment I realised that the Sony Rx100 was not the camera for me. It didn’t feel right in my hands.

The cumbersome menu system plus lack of grip made me fall in love with the Fujifilm x20. It was ergonomic and the controls where mainly on the outside. Yes the quality wasn't quite as good as the Sony's, but it was fun, simple and had all the manual controls I was used to.

Another reason for me to want to purchase a Compact was for the sheer reason that I wanted to have fun taking photographs. Bring back the joy I used to get from crafting images. It certainly has lived up to things in that department.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend anyone who was in the same boat as me, just to go and try the cameras out.

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